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Skill Development Training Program

Your work is the presentation of your capabilities!’ Come let us help you in building yours! Carnival Group ventures into a Skill Development Institute to enhance your skills and help you climb the ladder of success!

Auditorium & Floor

  • Understanding and demonstrating the process of ushering and basketing at each touchpoint.
  • Identify and understand practical techniques to reduce waiting time of customers and to offer best of the services on seat.
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Basic Formulas & Terminologies

  • Perform different calculations for better understanding and results of business.
  • Use of different terms and abbreviations related to cinema operations.
  • Maintaining the grooming standards.
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Box office and Service Enhancement

  • Application of operating procedures and Handling of different machines & equipment used at the Box Office.
  • Use different authorized booking channels available to patrons.
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Cafe & Box Office Operations

  • Application of accurate procedure for operations of Box office.
  • Understand the Handling of different machines & equipment used at the Box Office.
  • Procedure for operating the Cafe.
  • Wisely choose the appropriate set up for the display of foods.
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Concession Management

  • Understanding of different categories of products & their shelf life available at the Cafe.
  • Monitoring all the transactions and understanding various concepts related to the food and beverages counter at the Concession to provide good services to the patrons.
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Housekeeping SOP

  • Effectively maintain the cleaning standards of the Cinema.
  • Practicing various cleaning methods and effectively conducting smooth operations at the Cinema.
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Roll Counter Operations

  • Apply accurate procedure for operating the Box Office.
  • Understand the Handling of different machines & equipment used at the Box Office.
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Security, Safety & Vigilance SOP

  • Maintaining the security standards of the organization.
  • Handling security at all check points, hoax calls and executing the evacuation procedures whenever required.
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Creating Exceptional Customer Service

  • Effective in communication with the Patrons.
  • Felicitating good customer service.
  • Ability to deal with different behaviors of the patrons and difficult situations at the Cinema.
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Service & Perception point in service

  • Clear understanding of service levels and adhering to customer expectations.
  • Take necessary actions to improve service quality for patrons.
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Basic English

  • Make a correct use of English Grammar in writing and speaking, also in terms of fluency and comprehensibility.
  • Improvising reading accuracy and strengthening the ability to write summaries, reports etc.
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Basic Computer Skills

  • Application of basic computing and accounting functions required.
  • Learning the basics of Tally and MS Office.
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